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UBTA- Brand new stock for your attentton


A company which provide high quality software solutions built with cutting-edge technology to the online betting exchange and online gaming industries.

Current Price- 0.075
Short Term Forecast - $1.50
Long Term Forecast $2.00

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Recent hot news!!

UBA Technology Inc. (UBTA - News), a software development company, has set its sights on becoming a leading provider with its proprietary Betting Exchange software to qualified gaming industry licensees world-wide.

When does a new phenomenon change and shake up an entire industry? When it has the following two characteristics. It has a unique, completely new business model and the big guns in the industry get very nervous and do everything they can to control the new phenomenon.

Are betting exchanges this kind of phenomenon? Indeed they are. Betting exchanges are truly unique, offering innovation rarely seen in an industry as traditional as betting. Betting exchanges have also stirred up the industry like n e v e r seen before as illustrated by the following comments:

"The betting exchanges, Betfair, Betdaq, and co. represent the greatest revolution in gambling in generations." BBC (August 17, 2003).

"A revolution has rocked gambling in Britain." Washington Post (January 3, 2003).

Claims of the betting exchange phenomenon have been backed by MECN Analysis' growth forecast for the industry. MECN predicts that the volume of bets matched (e.g. bets proposed and accepted) in Europe will grow from USD 16 billion in 2004 to USD 159 in 2006, representing an compound annual growth rate of 79% over that span. Note that the MECN forecast is for Europe alone and does not account for gamblers in North America or Asia/Pacific and offers very little in the way of gambling events popular in those regions (e.g. - NFL).

One of the most attractive attributes of the betting exchange market from UBA's perspective is that the forecasted growth rate of 79% per annum through 2008 consists primarily (63%) of new players. UBA believes that due to this huge influx of new participants and the fact that the overwhelming majority of these new players have no pre-existing brand loyalty and are therefore easier and less costly to acquire, the company's unique product offering and aggressive marketing plan will enable it to quickly secure the critical mass required to ensure UBA's liquidity and profitability.

The timing for UBA Technology's entry into the market place is excellent as the global gaming market continues to expand not only for online poker companies (Party Poker -Party Gaming - PRTY.L), traditional bricks and mortar casinos (Wynn Resorts - WYNN) and online gaming software providers (Cryptologic Inc. - CRYP.Q).


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